Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Gluttony: Bhindi Masala and Garlic Naan

I woke up Monday morning with a huge and painful swelling on the right side of my face - all the way from my nasal cavity down to my chin. I'm usually waking up after a boozy night out with various kinds of bumps and bruises that I have no recollection of the next day. But I can't possibly go to work looking like a chipmunk with walnuts up one cheek. Add to that, it was very painful. So, I stayed back at home to go to a doctor AND a dentist.

And even though my veggies are in the process of withering away and are crying out for me to finish them off, I decided, against my better judgment, that what a sick person really needs is some comfort food. Not some high-brow raw vegan shit. So, I ordered a bhindi (ladies finger) masala, with three tandoori rotis and 2 garlic sesame naans. And I polished that off, with a tub of orange+tutti fruit icecream. Yes, there was - shock,  horror- milk in it. But hey, when in pain, you do what you can to soothe yourself, right? I know, its no excuse, but I still don't touch regular milk (in teas, coffees, etc. And while not raw, most of my meal was still very much vegan (Which is something I'm relating to, much more than being just raw all the time).

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