Well, "About Me" is always a nerve-wracking time for everyone, including me.

Let's start with the easy stuff - I'm a writer, am on the cusp of turning the big 3-0, and have an affinity for hot gay guys (but who doesn't?!).

Coming from a largely non-vegetarian eating community in India, I've always had an uneasy relationship with meat. I knew it was bad (for a lot of reasons - You take your pick), but was too lazy to cook my own stuff and continued to go with the flow. Then a couple of years ago, I started cutting out meat and only had eggs and fish. I stopped that a while ago. Dairy, eggs were the last to go (since September, 2010).

So there you have it - I'm a vegan, if you must give a label. And I am trying - or experimenting with - going raw. Hence the blog title.

Raw food came about after watching some interesting food documentaries and extensive research (Internet browsing counts!). The more I read, the more it makes sense. But I haven't - or rather, am unable to - transition to a completely raw lifestyle. Vegan seems like a cake walk to me; raw is a bit of a challenge.

Over the coming months, and hopefully years, I will be sharing my daily struggles and triumphs with being a raw vegan. I was frustrated at being mocked and being given blank stares when I asked people around me about a raw/vegan lifestyle. Hopefully, the next 'raw girl in mumbai' will have it a little easier.

I have zero cooking experience and want things in a hurry - so the whole eating raw/minimally cooked lifestyle works really well for me. I do have my days when only a greasy curry will hit the spot, but I don't beat myself up for it - thats why I've left a 20% buffer to eat "normal" foods. This post will also help you along.

I'd love to hear from you (if only to correct the blunders in my recipes) !!!

Email: raw.girl.in.mumbai@gmail.com
Twitter: @Raw_Vegan_Girl


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