Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Foodie Paradise

I'm a gawker. That's right. A Food Gawker. If you like food of any sort, I guarantee you will <3 this site:

Filtered to Vegan recipies in the above link. Go to the root and there are pages upon pages of deliciousness to tempt you. I still find cooked meat attractive to look at - though I will not eat it anymore. So I go gawking on this site for things like fish, barbacue, cakes, chocolate, etc.

Here's another bundle of delish pictures and vegan blogs:

When I feel like a pig want to gorge, I usually turn to http://thefoodpornographer.com/. Anyone into Bento lunches - this blog is great. She used to eat junk like a pig, but sadly, she's stopped.

And finally - and this one's cheating cause its not raw or vegan by any stretch - The Times presents the 50 Best Food Blogs:


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