Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing

Valentine's Day brings with it a whole gamut of giveaways on blogs - mostly chocolate. I even commented yesterday that chocolate has milk and hence is off-limits, in that I don't buy it myself. But if its offered to me for free, I figure its fair game. In that chocolate state of mind, this salad was born. My chocolate was not vegan, but I just used a couple of pieces, so don't have that much of a negative karma.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
I've also used elaichi kera (cardomom bananas) that I think are unique to India - They're half the size of a regular banana, but much sweeter and aromatic as compared to regular bananas.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing

  • 1 head of baby/lolo lettuce (approx 4 cups chopped)
  • 3 elaichi keras (or regular bananas, if you can't find them)
  • 2 pieces of dark chocolate, more for garnish
  • 2 teaspoons chilli flakes
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
To make:
Peel and chop your bananas into 1/2 inch round discs, and your lettuce fairly finely.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
Using a knife, chop shards of chocolate - not too fine. Preferably, have your chocolate in the refrigerator beforehand, so its easy to cut and doesn't go all soft in the salad.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
Combine the vinegar, olive oil, and chilli flakes in a bowl.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
Add the chocolate pieces to the dressing.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
Pour the dressing over the salad.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
Garnish with leftover chocolate shards.
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
Banana & Lettuce Salad with a Chilli-Chocolate Dressing
 Serve immediately or the banana will start to get mushy or smelly.


Amy said...

i think there are milk ingredients in cadbury dark chocolate!

but otherwise that salad looks DELISH. I've never put banana in mine..I might have to try it. It seems to be a LFRV trend.

Raw_Girl said...

Amy, yeah I know there's milk...Cant find a vegan chocolate bar and dont plan on making this a regular habit :)

Anonymous said...

Banana with chocolate & chili nice cobi........, elachi kela is give nice sweet flavor good recipe give me one spoon of this salad plz.

RawFooDHaven said...

What a great combination chocolate and chili. I thought chocolate are only meant to be minty not chili...

This recipe is worth trying.

Medeja said...

This is something interesting :) salad with chocolate!

Cupcake said...

Very inventive Raw Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How creative this is! Looks great!

polwig said...

I am also very surprised that you can't find vegan chocolate. Sometimes in spice stores like Penzeys you can buy chocolate nibbles and they are actually part of the bean no milk.

TheChocolatePriestess said...

This almost makes me want to try a salad... almost.

Junia said...

chili chocolate dressing sounds divine!

Kate @ Diethood.com said...

Chocolate and chili?! I LOVE IT! And I love your creativity. Great job!

A Thought For Food said...

I've seen two "savory" dishes this week that have included chocolate and now i'm intrigued. Thanks for sharing!

Mateja ^_^ said...

Love your salad especially the extra chilis in the dressing! About the chocolate on the top, I'm not so sure, but hey if you don't try you can't know if you like it or not, right? Thnak you for sharing :)

Stella said...

Interesting! I've never thought to put bananas in a salad, but it kind of makes sense. Ooh, and I have some of those bananas, Raw Girl. There on my counter now ripening up a bit. We call them manzano bananas. I love them too;-)

Olivia said...

Banana in a salad? I've never heard of that but you made it look so enticing! I'd love to try this, I've never had bananas in any sort of savory form.

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