Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Shopping at the Farmer's Market and Nature's Basket

I <3 Sundays! Alternate Sundays to be precise. Coz that's when I get to travel to Bandra for the Farmer's Market and Nature's Basket.

At the Farmer's Market, I got my usual supplies of carots, peppers, beets. But also got some cabbage for my mom, and some spinach, ginger and mint - All locally grown, freshly plucked, and all GM-free and organic.

There was also this Gujarati snack shop selling theplas, garo, baat, and dhokla. Garo is some disgusting brinjal dish, dhoklas are a Gujurati snack made of flour, but these ones were made of brown rice, they assured me. Wonder why they are so white in color, then? These were especially good, though, with the chilli chutney that they made.
Baat is another winter time Gujarati remedy made from jaggery, ragi flour, ajwain, and ghee - but this one was completely vegan, since the shop owners said people who come to the farmer's market are finicky about ghee (clarified butter) and hence they best omit milk products. I had one glass there and it was so yummy, I had a whole bottle filled to take home.
And now for my favorite part - Nature's Basket! Always feel like a kid in a candy store there. I've been eyeing a luscious looking bottle of maple syrup there forever, but somehow justified not buying it because of its price. But hey, you just live once! Plus there were bargains on olive oils, found myself a flax seed chikki, and the salad section, for once, was completely decked out with different types of sprouts (got mung bean sprouts), lettuces (got iceberg and endive), and some black beauties called mulberries. Am soo looking forward to mix and matching these to make endless varieties of salads. So, yes, these Sunday jaunts are expensive, but now I am so well stocked, there really isnt any excuse to eat anything rubbish.


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