Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life, Love, Warts, and All....

My searches on FindingVegan inevitably lead me, by way of its colorful pictures and inspiring food combinations, to the Gluten Free Goddess. I was looking for quinoa recipes, when, lo and behold, by hyperlinking magic, I arrived at this delightful list "Fifty Five Things I've Learned in 55 Years" (I didn't know she was this old!).

Check it out here.

Hopefully, I'll make a similar list when if I turn 30. Thirty's OK -women are at their prime then. But 40 and (gulp) 50, makes me anxious, I must admit. Mainly coz all the effects of my smoking are going to show up somewhere (I'm hoping its on my ass and not my face).

Here's a stab:
1. You can be a feminist and still wear a bra/shave your legs/wear makeup. Having saggy boobs isn't a badge of honor!

2. When men call you a bitch, take it as a compliment. You just seem powerful and that's intimidating to the weaker sex. When a woman calls you a bitch, you probably are one.

3. Everyone has cellulite. Some people just do a better job of covering theirs. Get over it.

4. Smile, and you get a lot done. Frown, and you just end up with wrinkles.

5. Don't feel guilty about cutting people out of your life. Like a good purge after too much booze, it is sometimes necessary and therapeutic.

6. Throw away your weighing scales - its needless torment. As long as you fit in your current clothes, you're doing alright.

7. Gay guys ARE hotter. And the reason they are hotter is because God is just not that kind to women. Its a proven fact.

8. Get married because you want to, not because you have to.

9. Do your own thing. Don't follow the herd. What are you - a cow?

10. Karma. Its real and will bite you in your backside.

To be cont.d....


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