Monday, November 8, 2010

The Tofu Trials

Never been a big fan of soya - mainly because I haven't really given it a real shot. But when you're vegan, you have to rely on substitutes for eggs and milk. I bought a small packet of tofu today - half expecting to try a morsel, say "I gave it a shot. But i didnt like it, what can I do?" and toss the remainder in the trash. 

So, what I had for dinner tonite was scrambled tofu. It tasted quite like the texture of eggs that have had the hell scrambled out of them. Quite nice - and took all of five minutes to prepare - chopboard to my plate!

  To make: 

  • About 100 grams of tofu, julienned, then cut again into tiny bits (alternately, just crumble it in with your fingers - thats what I will do next time!)
  • 10-12 cherry tomatoes
  • Quarter of an onion, chopped
  • Half a teaspoon of chili powder (or add one whole chili)
  • Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • A little bit of black mustard seeds
  • A bundle of coriander, chopped (retain all the stalks)
  • Teensy bit of vegetable oil
  • Salt to taste

  • Heat a wok till its blazing hot and keep all your ingredients chopped and ready by your side.
  • Throw in the onions
  • Then the chili and turmeric powder
  • Then the whole mustard seeds
  • Mix to a non-lumpy paste
  • Then throw in the tofu. Mix on high speed for about 30 seconds.
  • Then add the tomatoes (another 10 seconds on the gas)
  • Finally add the coriander.
  • Another 10 seconds and take it off the gas.

Bottom line: Tofu is a tasteless sponge. Its what you add to the tofu that makes or breaks a dish. I will definitely be buying tofu with each visit to the supermarket. 

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