Monday, November 8, 2010

Drink Water Regularly, But Eat When Hungry

I've always been in the underweight to normal weight category - So going raw/vegan is not an attempt to lose weight. That I have gone from 55 kgs to 51.5 kgs in a month is the cherry on the vegan tofu-based icing. But the fact that the weight is stubbornly stuck at 51 (was 53 two days ago, I swear) for quite some time now is frustrating. Add to that, its Diwali and there is Diwali appropriate foods to consume. And people at work keep dropping chocolates on my desk. Hell, even the Reliance Fresh teller pays me change in toffees! Sooo...Ok, I've indulged last Friday. Who in their right mind doesnt eat a whole LARGE cheese pizza all alone and in one sitting on Diwali, you tell me?! ;) To make amends (not that one day is the be all and end all), I decided I would fast all day Saturday and Sunday on warm lime water. Didn't really work - As in I still had one hot meal at home. But I didnt eat much else. I didnt deprive myself of food. If i felt hungry, I would eat. Its just that you dont feel hungry at predefined meal times. Thats social conditioning, I think. That we're supposed to eat at a certain time, with no thought going into whether you're really hungry or not.

Also, when you do fast for more than 3 days, its a good idea to get a colonic/enema before you embark on the fast to get rid of gunk in your trunk. I'm definietely going to get one soon. Been checking out reputed centers in Mumbai and The Center for Colon Therapy looks the most legit - but they charge a whopping Rs 2400 / - per session (of max 45 minutes) and they're all about giving people their "privacy and dignity" - meaning, I assume, you'll be left there in that little room all alone to insert that horrid tube into your "happy place" all alone. I would prefer someone show me what is supposed to be inserted where, the first time!

So my motto is: Drink water all day long. Eat when you're hungry. Remember, by the time you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated - in other words, its already too late to drink water. A better indicator would be the color of your pee - anything other than clear means you are dehydrated (unless you're on some fancy meds - like my vitamins give me a golden shower). OK, Too much information, methinks.

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Paty M said...

Too much information hehe, but it's a fact.urine is a good indicator and the fluorescent color is due to Vitamin B (B2 to be exact) complex in your mutlivitamin :)


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