Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Shopping at the Farmers Market and Nature's Basket

I was getting a bit worried about the future of a farmers market here in Mumbai after their Facebook page annouced that they need a guarantee of a 100 people showing up each week for the farmers trip to and from Nasik to be viable. I needn't have worried.

This Sunday's Farmer's Market was definitely much bigger and better than the one I went to two weeks back. There were a variety of stalls selling everything from vegan cheese and muffins, to eco friendly make up, as well as a much needed stall by Naturally Yours for cereals, pulses, and sundry.

All the produce looks soo fresh and inviting - except the carrots...For some reason, pesticide-laden GMO carrots look much better than their natural cousins. I definitely bought a lot less veggies this time, seeing how I am still finishing off the ones I bought two weeks ago! Best part is I finally got my hands on some quinoa and flax seed. You know what they say, if your heart is pure enough and your wish sincere enough, your wish will come to you!

Plus I got to meet Kavita Mukhi, the brain child behind Mumbai's Farmer's Market. Next week's market is at the same venue but from 5 PM onwards. Its a special event with a Q&A planned for all your organic-related questions.

The Produce Section

The Stores:

 And here's what I bought:

FINALLY- Got myself some keen-waah

Jaggery powder to replace my honey in my morning cuppa tea

Hummus in an earthen pot
Hummus with chickpeas, sesame and pumpkin seeds
Total damages:
  • 1 kilo carrots and beets - Rs 40
  • 1 kilo of assorted peppers - Rs 35ish
  • 2 pomogranates - Rs 75
  • Hummus - Rs 50
  • Quinoa - Rs 395/ 500 grams
  • Flax seeds - Rs 28/ 200 grams
  • Jaggery - Rs 54
And a trip to the Farmer's Market is never complete without hopping off to the nearby Nature's Basket (not before having falafels at, urm, Falafels, right across the road from the Farmers Market.
Just got the bare essentials this time: gherkins, jalepeno peppers, lavash crackers, yellow zuccini and avocados..What?! You do need some excitement in your daily salads! Am soo excited about the avocados!!! Best part is, you dont have to worry about it going mushy...and if it does, you can always scopp out the green gunk and make a face pack out of it for your face!
Welcome home, my green godesses!

PS: I've updated the BUYING GUIDE section with contact info and shop addresses, in case you cannot make it to the farmers market and still want to buy some of this stuff.


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