Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Shopping at the Farmers Market and Nature's Basket

The kind folks at The Farmer's Market tempted me there today for a visit with promises of organic avocados...I've been meaning to get them forever, but cant seem to find them anywhere. So, off I went to Wind Chimes Playschool, Bandra, to buy 2 kilos worth. Avocado season is over, said the farmers at the market. So I was a bit annoyed having travelled more than 30 kilometers just for the avocados! Determined not to let this little setback ruin my Sunday, here's what else I bought at the farmers market, and just ahead of the road at Nature's Basket. All organic and locally sourced produce at the farmers market - Can't wait to dig into my carrot salad with tahini dressing and sunflower seeds!!!

Gotta say, I LOVE Nature's Basket!!! Feel like a kid in candyland.  - Liquorice, olives, sunflower seeds (been searching for ages since I finished my last pack from California), peppers, and a wild card - Korean, not Japanese Miso. Now that I have it, I'll look for recipes to build around the ingredients I have - Like this miso soup recipe.

Sunflower seeds, green and black olives, jalepeno peppers, Korean miso, liquorice candy

Very excited about the miso!!!

Organic Asparagus

Add caption

They even handed me a leaflet of recipes to make with my asparagus

Organic carrots are butt ugly! ;)


Dont they look oh so pretty?

Organic gluten and sugar free muffins (Got a bit mushy on my way home)

This one's made of ragi, I think.


Anonymous said...

OMIGOSH - Darrell Lea Liquorice!!! I miss that stuff now that I don't live in Australia. The Green Apple flavour is the best!!!

Thanks for following me!!! I love the colours of your blog!

Raw_Girl said...

Thanks, I'll pick up the Green apple one on my next visit to Nature's basket.

But in Germany, you have sauerkraut, pretzels and beer!!! :-)

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